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Offroute Art’s primary function is to support artists aged 16-24 by creating and engaging these individuals in an inclusive community that connects their art, energy, and vision with a greater audience. We believe that the power of art combined with youth energy is a force for good in the world. By giving young adults support and belonging, community organically begins to grow and expand.


We actively work to include and support artists of all experiences and backgrounds. Our BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists, supporters, community members, and fellow citizens make up the backbone of Offroute and the work we do. Our name means A DIFFERENT PATH. One that pushes against the restrictions of late-capitalism (i.e.: artists receive 100% of their sales with no loopholes) and that serves and meets artists and our communities where they are. We welcome artists, customers, volunteers, and supporters with openness, respect, and the assumption of best intentions.

Our Work

  • We partner with businesses and organizations to display and sell the work of artists (ages 16 - 24)

  • We connect with artists from all backgrounds, who are driven to create original pieces of art part-time, full-time, or sometimes.

  • We build connections between artists and a broader audience.

  • We break down barriers between art, accessibility, and affordability.

  • support emerging artists from all backgrounds and identities by giving them another platform to connect to a wider audience.

  • reuse materials to the fullest extent possible, by prioritizing reused or donated materials.

  • ensure artists always receive 100% of their art sales.

Who are Offroute artists?

Though we primarily serve the Pittsburgh, PA region, Offroute works with artists based in the US who are between the ages of 16 and 24. Our artists are from all backgrounds, identities, and abilities. We accept many styles of art.

Some artists are in school, some are working, and others might be somewhere in-between. Some artists submit art once, others submit every few months. Some submit old art that is taking up space and some send in new pieces. Some artists sell on Offroute then are inspired to create their own store or website; others like the opportunity to have someone sell their work for them. Some artists sells their pieces on Instagram, Etsy, and Offroute, and some sell only with Offroute. 

But in EVERY instance, artists set their own prices and receive 100% of that price when it sells with Offroute. Artists are paid within 48 hours and are also emailed regularly with additional opportunities they can take part in (i.e.: upcoming shows, microcommissions, art supply giveaways, etc.).

Submit Art FAQ & Form

Who can submit art?

ANYONE between the ages of 16 - 24 in the United States.

What type of art do you accept?

We accept many different types of 2D and 3D art. We do not recommend you submit art that is excessively heavy, fragile, or potentially dangerous to handle (i.e.: broken glass). We do not accept jewelry or clothes.

How does this work?

If some / all of your pieces of art are accepted, you will be emailed a form where you will fill out details including the prices, names, measurements, and prices of each piece of your artwork. If you are in the Pittsburgh region, you can arrange to drop off your art. If you do not live in Pittsburgh, we will reimburse artists up to $25 in shipping costs (you must email a photo of your receipt for reimbursement). 

Offroute will display your work in our shows, displays, and/or pop ups. When one of your pieces sells, you will receive you payment via paypal within 48 hours. 

Our Board & Team

Coming Soon!

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